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The IAHD also conducts update seminars, symposiums and attend Dive conventions. Members are kept informed of the latest information via the IAHD Newsletters. Since the introduction of the IAHD in April 1993, the organization has steadily grown and is today world renowned. The IAHD receives very positive responses from rehabilitation centre, diving organizations, diving instructors and the media.

Who are the PADI Seal Team?

When you get right down to it - the PADI Seal Team programme is just plain cool! Designed for young divers (children 8 years and older), this exciting new programme is built around action-packed AquaMissions!

What are AquaMission?

They are underwater pool adventures where kids learn scuba activities. Take AquaMission: Inner Space Specialist for example, here kids learn how to float underwater like an Astronaut. How about AquaMission: Snapshot Specialist? this is where PADI Seal Team members take pictures of each other scuba diving and learn the basic underwater photo composition principles. Supported by a DVD, manual and logbook, the PADI Seal Team programme is broken into two parts. Part One, AquaMissions 1 - 5, teaches kids the basics of diving - things like buoyancy control, mask clearing, regulator recovery, and so on…. Then after building a solid foundation of scuba skills and becoming a PADI Seal the kids move onto Part Two.

Part Two is full of AquaMissions Specialties. These fun dives teach kids different specialisms within the scuba diving activities.

AquaMissions Specialties:

Who can take part?

Minimum age is 8 years old. Aquamission participants must be able to swim and be comfortable in the water.

What will I do?

Each AquaMission is 60 minutes long and includes:

Deposits for the Crew packs are £45 and include:

Each AquaMission costs £20

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What is Aqua Kidz?

A fun way for you and your family to discover the underwater world of Scuba diving. Play underwater games and learn some fun new skills. Aqua Kidz, bring The PADI Seal Team to a pool near you.....